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Cheaper Gas, Electricity, Phones-Broadband-NGN numbers. Utility and telecoms procurement service. Energy cost reduction surveys.

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One area where savings can be made is the company’s fixed costs such as heating, lighting, gas, electricity and telecoms.

Helping you make cost reductions to your

business electricity bills.

Are you paying too much for business electricity?

Are you on the wrong Tariff?

Is your supply contract due for renewal?


Electricity billing analysis

We can appraise your electricity bills, to investigate opportunities where savings can be made, maybe due to wrong tariffs, meters, and working patterns, before even looking at the unit cost on the bills.

Even if you are still in contract we may be able to identify cost savings before the renewal date of your Business Electricity contracts. We can renegotiate your existing contract and arrange change of meters so that you can benefit from the savings.

Our charges are low, from a small fixed fee and/or a percentage of the actual savings.



You too can save money on your electricity, gas, telecoms bills.


All we need are copies of your most recent bills, a bit more information and we will do the rest.






You too can save money on your electricity, gas, telecoms bills.






Energy procurement service

Our Business energy procurement service is free of charge, all we ask is that you give us the authority to negotiate on your behalf. We are an independent brokerage, and will source the best deal for your business on the Open-Market. 

Business Electricity - Don't get caught in the renewal trap!

If you don't renew or fail to notify in time,

your existing energy provider can automatically renew the contract at excessive rates.

Some providers require at least 90 days' notice before the end of the contract. 


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